you break my heart

Assalamualaikum :(

Today, i was totally down and a bit sad . Totally hurt and depressed .
so you hunn , you break my heart already 
always , but i stand still never say anything 
just let you be what you want to . i am not suitable to you
i am not yours and you're not mine 
we all belongs to ALLAH
why don't we just break ? 
I let you with your life and you just leave me alone 
will that make you feel so free and satisfy probably ?
I also don't want this happen but as you know
and i know
this can't be go on anymore
you don't even care and i feel like a rubbish with you
no text , no call , no stories from you , that was really sucks you know ?
It kinda hurt so much now
feel like tears had turn tu fire
I bet after the game , you met the new one . isn't?
yeah sure .
there is no point if you say not at all

So ,I am hurt now 
you so famous , how come there is no girl will not MENEMPEL at you ?
i don't wanna care anymore .
i don't want to
just let you live with your own 
i still got ipin :) 
you know , even he doesn't know about me and who i am
i still can admire him , but not you 
you two were bestfriend , you don't let me
friends with him
okay , i am not
you don't want me contact another guys , so i did it
how about you?
i never ask anything from you
its okay . i let you win
i let you go .
its okay 
no need to contact me anymore . whatever your reason is ,its okay
i'll just forgive it dear
because i love you so :)
i don't know what to say about our next status
its a secret anyway . isn't?
okay fine dear . let you win again
so just say , you're done with me :) ?
probably ?
take care dear and do the best on your exam okay 
keep fit  like you want .
i'll pray for you .
love yahh . forever .

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