love is something upredictable... i know .. he is now happy with his life.. with his 'wife'...
but my heart never let him go..keep love him til now.. should i let this feeling away? but i can't..keep think bout him.. he is my bestfriend now.. does he think like that? or just nothng?
everyone around think the we are bestfriend...but my heart didn't approve it.. 
i miss you.. miss you so much..

sometimes this love never let me think positively.. 
sometimes i wonder do you ever love me..
sometimes i cry.. was my tears worth for this?
does it make sense to you?

i even wonder.. am i should feel this way?
wish you know how much i love you and miss you.. waiting and wait..
28 MARCH 2011
the date that gave me the new you.. you who had leave me.. ALONE
p/s : miss  you so much :) hope you happy with you 'wifey' ..
lots of love

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